Paul Harvey If I were The Devil 1965

This is an eye-popping moment…..left me speechless!


We Gotta Live Up To The Joneses


Look, I told them this was serious stuff.  They didn’t believe me.  They laughed!  Can you believe that?  They Laughed! I had all the proof sitting before me and people just thought I wasn’t serious.

I AM SERIOUS!  We’ve all been made to understand and live by a stupid as theory.  We live with it everyday.  We cower to it every moment.  We are driven like sheep to the slaughter to its gates and left there to wander, “Why do only a few people get in?” 

Then we notice different patterns as these people are joyfully accepted inside.  Some get in according to who they know, some are outgoing, pretty, skinny, friendly, great at speaking, or just excited or maybe all of the above. 

Then we look at ourselves and say, “I weigh more than she doses.”  “I’m Shy.”  “I,m too short.”  “I’m too tall.”  “I didn’t go to college.” “I can’t speak like that.” “I can’t even spell correctly.” “Right, what makes you think I can…” and the list goes on.


I will only say this once so listen closely.  If you don’t have the right PERSONALITY you will not have success in their world.  Here’s the real kicker!  Their world is ruled by the personality ethic theory.  This is a short-term, quick-fix theory that makes success possible for the short-term yet offers not real and lasting success.  It’s a roller coaster ride.  What an “in” personality type this season is “out” next season.  It’s a hard business out there with not real long-term solutions.  It’s competition.  It’s a dog eat dog world. 


Go ahead laugh.  You laugh now because, “I lack nothing.  I’m full and satisfied where I am at.  Look at all I have gotten.”  That’s okay.  You who laugh now will cry when the roller coaster you’re on falls apart.  Personality without ______________ is short-term.  Personality alone will only get you so far.  Want to go further?  Want to get off the roller coaster?  Want a long-term solution to all your problems?  Want to stand out and be noticed?  Want to unlock The Law of Attraction?  Here’s your opportunity.

Character Ethic Vs. Personality Ethic

“The Character Ethic is based on the fundamental idea that there are principles that govern human effectiveness- Natural laws in the human dimension that are just as real a, just as unchanging and unarguably “there” as laws such as gravity are in the physical dimension.” quote from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Let me ask you a few questions and see if it rings true with you.  Do you feel tired of always having to worry about how you may appear to others?  Are you constantly engaging in health damaging conduct so that you can fit in?  Do you feel as if you have to cover this, color that and wear whatever is in fashion among your friends or collegues in order to fit in?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions you maybe being lead by Personality Ethics not Character ethics.

Personality has to do more of what you like and dislike.  What kind of clothes you like to wear and the traits of being friendly, nice, and sweet.  Refering to a pleasing personality as Napoleon Hill teaches.  But what we have to realize is that many crazy people have pleasing personalities.  What Dr. Hill tells you later is that you must have the positive Moral Character traits of honesty, fairness, deciviness, respect, and responsibility among others in order to sustain that pleasing personality.

What people are confused about is the fact that many people say I have all this wealth in my life and I am still depressed.  Why?  Because we were not taught to back up our pleasing personalities with character.  What to be truly wealthy in life?  Develop your character.First seek to develop positive moral character and all things will be added to you.  Start by reading and following the instructions in Stephen Covey’s book:   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Until next time be prosperous and at peace!